Use AT LEAST ONE (preferably more) of the following sites to search

for information on jobs and careers.

Find a career or job that interests you, and CAREFULLY read the information as you follow the links.

  • You might need to consult other sources/web pages (use google or other search engine if you need to) in order to find all the information.

  • Do this for at least 2 different jobs/careers you find that might allow you to use your own talents, abilities, and interests. If time permits, do more!


Please LOOK HERE 1ST! -->>

1. What Do You Like To Do? from the Bureau of Labor Statistics AND

2. Occupational Outlook Handbook

Then search other sites, depending on your interests:

3. Information on Trades and Technical Careers

4. Engineering

5. Jobstar

6. U.S. Dept. of Labor

7. Career Builder


University of Alabama

Shelton State Community College


Resume Help and "Best Job and Career Search" Links:

What will your TAKE HOME PAY be?