Directions for NHS Physical Science Final Exam for STARS students:

  1. Please READ ALL these directions FIRST.
  2. THEN click the file below--at the bottom of this page--to open your exam. Please be patient while the file downloads!
  3. Click on the file to open it after it downloads.
  4. Fill in requested information. NAME is required.
  5. Read each question carefully, and choose the one best answer to each question. There are 100 multiple choice questions.
  6. After you finish the exam and check your answers, click the button/link AT BOTTOM LEFT to submit your test. EVEN if the link appears broken, you can "mouse over" it and see that it says "submit."

  7. (Please note: The button/link at bottom RIGHT is a "Reset" button. Even if the link appears broken, if you "mouse over" it you can see that it asks if you want to clear all your answers and start over!)

  • Your answers and your score will be automatically emailed to me.
  • Please print a copy for your STARS teacher's records just in case anything goes wrong.

All Northridge High School Physical Science students at STARS should take this exam, whether your teacher is Ms. Evans or Ms. Spencer. Thanks

That's it! Good luck!!